Modern technologies make our lives better in many ways, and at the same time, open up opportunities for discoveries. 3d printing, as one of them, has the potential to become a dominant technology. The main principle of 3D printing is the additive production process. In essence, this is the essential item because 3D printing is a different production process based on modern technology of making parts in layers of various sizes. 3D printing is a technology that introduces innovations with freedom of design and reduced production time and cost.

3D printing is the process of creating objects by adding material layer by layer in different directions depending on the technology used. This type of printing enables the production of complex functional items with the use of materials in relation to traditional production. PLA or ABS plastic is often used as a material, but also nylon, metal, chocolate, ceramics. It all starts with creating a 3D model on a computer or scanning an object with the help of a 3D scanner. The application of this technology is applied from the production of functional home buildings to the production of prototypes in medicine, architecture, and other areas where innovation is important.

There are several types of 3D printing technologies that use different materials in ways to create the final object. Functional plastics, metal, ceramics, and sand are used for industrial prototyping and production. Currently, the most used plastic is as a printing material, and most often, ABS or PLA.

Different types of 3D printers involve different technology with different materials. It is essential to understand that the most important items of 3D printing are that no one solution suits every process. For example, some 3D printer processes process powdered material (nylon, ceramic) using a heat source to bond the layers of powder together into a defined shape. The most common and most straightforward process is material deposition, and this is the process used with most beginning 3D printers. Another important point is that no 3D process comes as a press and print option. It is necessary to adjust and check many items before printing.