Manual convert Zoom recording to MP4

In case you have used On-prem Cloud Recorder you might get the issue that some of the recordings were not converted correctly. This is especially the case if you use more than one instance of Cloud Recorder.

You may find the original .zoom files at the archive folder of /opt/zoom/cmr-storage/ cmr-archive or /opt/zoom/cmr-archive on different Cloud Recorders.

If you find them, you can initiate conversion manually from the Zoom App following these steps:

Method 1:

1. Open Zoom App on Windows or Linux

2. Start new Meeting and initiate recording

3. End the Meeting

4. Go to the Meetings tab

5. Chose Recoded section

6. You will see you last Meeting

7. Chose Open next to it to browse it content files

8. Delete all files in that folder

9. Copy .zoom files from missing recordings into this folder

10. Change the name of files to double_click_to_convert_01.zoom and double_click_to_convert_02.zoom

11. Go back to Zoom Recorded and click on the refresh button

12. Click to Convert button next to the last Meeting

The conversion process started !!!

On finished conversion, you will get a converted MP4 file.

Method 2:

Find the folder with meeting id with .zoom files.Move the folder (named with meeting id) to /opt/zoom/cmr-storage/recordings/ and with for Cloud Recorder to re-covert it and move it to /opet/zoom/cmr-stroage/replay folder.