Integration of Google Maps, traffic and calendar using Google API

There are services that allow you to determine quite accurately how long it takes to get to a remote point, but they are not integrated with other services.

Integration can be done as follows:

  • Create an event as usual with any device
  • In the location field, enter the symbolic name of the location or address, i.e. the parameter that Google Maps can find
  • Install Cron on the Linux platform, which checks in the background for an event with Location and notifications
  • If present, it resolves location text in GPS coordinates
  • Via the Google Traffic API, it takes time to determine from predefined locations (static, from houses) to default GPS locations, using public city transportation and the most pessimistic weather conditions
  • If you can’t find the route (because it’s not a location in the same city), look for the travel time by car
  • When it takes about time to get to the locations, the number of minutes adds a fixed 15 minutes so you can have more time
  • Then it inserts the obtained time into the already created event in the notification field so that now set event sends a notification XY minutes before the event
    Please note that the meeting start time is used for Google Traffic analysis, so the API knows exactly from which time period it needs to take traffic data.

Video tutorial: