Verification of the address on Payoneer with Upwork Certificate of Earnings for ordering a new Payoneer card

How to verify the data on Payoneer in order to order a new card, without having a valid bill or invoice in your name, surname, and address?

The standard procedure for ordering a Payoneer card is to send a document (utility bill) not older than 3 months with your name, surname, and address stated the same in the info on the Payoneer account. The problem is that Payoneer does not accept a document issued by the government and in some cases, not even a phone bill. If you do not have any other bill or bank statement in your name except a phone bill, there is another way that you can verify your data.

If you work as a freelancer on Upwork, you can send a Certificate of Earnings. You can download the document from your Upwork account by clicking on Reports -> Certificate of Earnings. This document contains your address and name and surname, so you can send it to Customer Support chat if it matches the address on your Payoneer account. Contact Customer Support chat and explain that you do not have any utility bill or bank statement in your name, and offer to send them a Certificate of Earnings from the freelance site Upwork.

Also, if you send them a different government document than the one that was already verified on your Payoneer account when you registered for the account, they will ask you about the reason for the ID number discrepancy. In that case you need to send them that you want to update your Payoneer account details according to one registered on your new document.