5 best blogs to follow about the everyday use of 3D printing

If you are new to 3D printing or want to listen to or read some tutorials so you can be in the trend, follow these blogs about 3D printing:

As it says on their page, this website is the authority on 3D printing. There you can read all the latest news about 3D printing, read the reviews about the new models, find about the events, and others.

This blog is interesting because you can read different kind of materials for 3D printing, 3D printers, and also order from them object printing or buy 3D printer.

This is a community of designers and makers. Find out new trends on 3D printing, read about this technology, or get advice.

Blog dedicated to bringing new information about the latest trends from the 3D printing industry. Besides the news, there you can listen to podcasts, read market studies, or even order a 3D printer.

This blog is more oriented to Youtube channel where you can listen to many tutorials and problem solving videos. On the blog there are 3D printing terms explained, so that is excellent start point for beginners.