Websites where you can sell your 3D printed objects

The sites where you can sell your 3D printed objects are 3D marketplaces. You can upload your model and wait for the client to contact you for the specific printing offer.
Some of the marketplaces on which you can develop your 3D printing business are:

  • CGTrader – You can find here a big customer base with models that you can use in your projects. But also, you can be hired as a designer or to print some object for a custom job.
  • Shapeways – This website allows you to upload your 3D models and sell 3D printed objects to customers. It is especially interesting for those who make toys, tech accessories, or jewelry.
  • Cults – Besides this is a marketplace, Cult is also a social network for those who sell and buy 3D printing models and final objects. After you register and upload your first 3D model, you officially become a seller on this website.
  • 3D Hubs – This marketplace is good for someone who likes the efficient delivery of printed objects. 3D Hubs allows sellers to publish their printing objects, get feedback from clients, and the process of taking new jobs on the website is well organized. If you are a client looking for the printing of a specific object, you can simply upload a model file, get immediate quotes, and choose the right manufacturer.
  • Sculpteo – On this website, you can find designs and 3D print objects from various manufacturers. You can upload your file, select material, get a quote, and receive objects after the manufacturer completed the 3D printing of the customized object.
  • i.materialise – It is a platform where you can get quotes for printing a specific object. There you can design, buy, print, and sell 3D objects. Besides this, it also provides design guides and apps which will help you in making the design of the specific object.