Fill in a 100% Upwork profile to get a better chance for the first project

After successful registration, you should complete your profile as much as you can with the data. In that way, you will have a chance to become eligible for the Rising Talent Badge. This badge helps you to stand out and have a higher chance of getting the first job.

The required info, which is also essential in the registration process, is:

  • Profile Photo
  • Profile Title
  • Profile Overview
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Skill Tags

Those required items are 60% of the Upwork completed profile.

If you are a new freelancer, especially if you have previous projects that you worked on, make sure to link accounts in Profile Settings. It is also required info, and it gets an additional 10% of the Upwork completed profile. Suppose you are a designer, link the Behance or DeviantART account. If you are a programmer, link the GitHub or StackOverflow account. If you are not in any of these professional categories, take the Upwork Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Company Managers. By taking this 10 questions test you show that you understand Upwork rules and practices.

Optional items representing another 30% of the complete Upwork profile are certifications, portfolio, and other work experience related to your professional category. As for the professional or English certifications, you can send the verification code displayed on your certificate, and Upwork will verify or reject the certification within five days.

Upwork has provided an opportunity to stand out from the other freelancers by creating Specialized Profiles. You can make several profiles for different professional categories. When you apply for some job, you can select which type of Specialized Profile the client can view.

All the things above can help you stand out from the crowd, whether you are applying for your first project or a higher paid job.