How to successfully create an Upwork Project catalog?

The new thing on the Upwork is the Project Catalog, which helps freelancers offer specific projects to clients. After you create the project catalog, Upwork needs to review it. They will accept it or send it back to make changes and you can submit it again for the review. But make sure to create Project Catalog within the rules of Upwork Terms of Service.
The process of creating Upwork Project Catalog:

  • Go to the –Project Catalog– part, which is on your Upwork profile.
  • Click – Manage Projects – and then – Create Project –
  • The first thing you need to do is to give a project a specific title. The project title is defined by Upwork with – You will get -. It would be best to determine which title will attract the potential client and how it benefits them. For example: You will get two employee emails for each of the 100 companies, You will get an amazing company logo to enhance your business.
  • Select your project category – Make sure to choose a specific category because Upwork can decline your project catalog because you did not choose the right one. First type in category to see if something will pop up and if not then – See all categories-. Depending on the field you worked in, you will need to choose more details after entering/choosing a category. Those details will be about Industry type, Work Styles (for designers), Use Cases, etc.
  • The next step is to create pricing tears. Regardless of the project category, you should enter delivery days (Starter, Standard, Advanced) and check service tier options. If you turn off 3 Tiers, you can enter delivery days for that project. Project price is something you should research and define because this is a fixed project price. Figure out how much time you need to finish something, or make a test for you to find out.
  • Upload project images or just one that will be as a project cover image. In this part, you should pay attention to image size, which must be under 10MB, have a 4:3 aspect ratio, and in JPG or PNG format. If you are in admin or assistant category upload some office or related image, and if you are designer add your design portfolio images). Also, if you want to delete the project image, you must upload the new one to delete the previous one. Take a look at Unsplash or Canva for quality images.
  • The project description should contain a short explaining of your expertise and in detail what the client will get with the offer. Make sure to add all the necessary details that will show the client that you are a professional in your offer. Project steps should have steps for completing the project. Example of those steps: project requirements, sending a sample, project research, project delivery, feedback. You must enter at least one step. Frequently asked questions are optional and they are for potential clients. Examples are: How many revisions do I have?, How often do you answer messages? Which tools do you use?
  • Requirements for the client. This part is very important for you because you can make some kind of quiz for the client that purchase your project. Specify what you need from your client to start this project. You can enter a question that can be answered by text, multiple-choice, or by uploading a file. Examples: What is the due date for this project? Where to upload files?
  • After completing all steps, you must enter a maximum number of simultaneous projects. That means how many projects can you handle at one time. Be responsible and think about it because that will affect your Upwork Job Success score.
  • Accept Upwork Terms of Service and Privacy Notice and click – Submit for Review– . You will get the message: Congrats! You’ve successfully submitted your project! After that, wait to get an email from Upwork if your project catalog is approved or the reason for declining. Those answer emails are usually sent within a few hours.

Video tutorial: