Is it necessary to create an Upwork profile video?

Upwork Profile Video is needed when you want to introduce yourself with more details to potential clients. And at some point, it can enhance your hiring rate. For this video, you should highlight your skills that best describe your professional experience. Do not just repeat the things that are already written on your profile. You have the opportunity to explain your skills and work passion aloud!
But first, do you need to make the video? There are some professional fields where it could be beneficial. Some of the areas where it could be helpful are: if you are working in a language that is not your native, work as an admin or customer support, or sales consultant. If you are a programmer or designer, there are portfolios and other ways to highlight your skills besides professional video.

Type of videos that you can make and upload on Upwork are:

  • Me talking about my skills and experience
  • Visual samples of my work
  • Something else

It would be best if you make a short video of about 1 – 2 minutes. Make a brief introduction containing:

  • The type of service you offer
  • Type of projects you worked on
  • Skills that you learn
  • Achievements you gain
  • Client testimonials

Record the video with a digital video camera or smartphone camera. Make sure to have good lighting by recording indoors with plenty of light in front of you. Make sure to have everything written that you want to say before the test record. Make a test recording to check if everything is ok. Some of the tips for recording a professional video:

  • Make sure to speak clearly
  • Do not have a background noise
  • Make sure that your face looks clearly on camera
  • If someone else is recording, check that the camera is not shaking!

You can upload your video on Youtube. Use Canva for creating custom thumbnail for Youtube video. Do not forget to disable monetization for the video (no ads on the video). After uploading, place the video link in the Add video field. Add video field appears after you click on Video introduction on your Upwork profile. After clicking Submit, the video will be published immediately and available on your Upwork profile.

Some of the good examples of Upwork Profile videos are: