MaskiD – 3D printed Beauty Mask

Face masks that promote beauty and skin-care are trendy nowadays. It is no surprise that some famous brand is trying to develop new products to win new customers.

At Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019, Neutrogena presented their MaskiD, a 3D printed product.

This product is unique because it fits the individual’s face with ingredients that meet specific skin problems. It works with the smartphone and the MaskiD app. You will need to attach the Skin360 device at the back of your smartphone, which scans the size of your pores and skin details. After that, you need to scan your face. The app will offer personalized recommendations, and you can also mark your skin problem areas.

If you do not have the Skin360 device, you need to fill out a questionnaire about your skin details and take a selfie. No matter how you get your face picture, you need to send the image to Neutrogena, and they will 3D print a face mask that suits your skin conditions. You will get your personalized face mask delivered from them.