What is the process of Upwork Video Verification?

Upwork video verification is the process of verifying your profile and other account details. This thing is not mandatory for all freelancers, and some freelancers even work for many years without video verification. You can not request from Upwork to be verified. 

If Upwork finds the need to verify your data by a video chat, they will notify you. You will get an email with more information on how to complete the process. You will also see a notification in the upper part after you log in to the Upwork profile. 

For this verification process, you should have a camera and microphone. To start the video chat, you need to go to Settings – Identity Verification and click on the green ‘Start Chat’ button. Once you initiate the video-chat verification, a chat window will pop up so you can connect to one of the Support Agents. Important is to access it from a laptop or a desktop computer. You will get in the chat a link where you will access for video verification. In case you do not have a camera on your computer, tell a Support Agent that, and he will give you steps on how you can verify your profile.

The whole process of verification takes about 10 minutes. In some cases, further review of the submitted information is needed, and it can take 1-2 days. It is essential to know that this verification invite has a deadline, and Upwork can restrict the profile if you do not finish this process. Freelancers that do not access the verification process within seven days Upwork will have their accounts placed on hold. That account hold will prevent freelancers from withdrawing earnings, submitting proposals for jobs, or showing up in search results. Any active proposals that are previously submitted will be canceled. Despite all of this, the hold will not affect the active contracts, and they can continue working on them.

The questions that Agent asks you are related to your profile data, work experience, education, etc. You need to answer according to the info that you have entered while registering on Upwork.

Some of the questions are:

  • What is your full name?
  • What is your email address?
  • What is your street address? 
  • Which college did you finish? 
  • How many active contracts do you have?
  • What is the full name of the client that you are currently working for?
  • Can you explain in shortly your technical skills? (For this question, you can explain the field in which you work and which tools you use.)
  • In some cases, they can ask you about the specific technical skill you listed on your profile.
  • Show your government id card on the webcam
  • When did you join Upwork?
  • How many total hours did you work?
  • What is your job success rate?
  • How many hours did you work last week?

If it happens that you were not convincing enough in the interview then they will ask you for certain documents to submit for successful verification. After successfully finished profile verification, you will see a green marked option for Visual verification in Settings – Identity Verification.