When and how to close the contract on Upwork?

You can close the work contract when you go to the My Jobs menu item after login on your Upwork profile. Choose a specific contract from the list of Active Contracts and click on it. After clicking you will see the preview of the specific contract.

Click on the three dots at the end of the contract menu and choose End contract. After that, you will get the window for writing the feedback. The first part of the feedback is private and will not be shared directly with the client.

Private feedback is related to the reason for ending the contract, and how likely would you recommend the client to the other person. Since this part is private you can be honest and mark a lower number if you are not satisfied with the client.

The list of reasons for closing the contract on Upwork by freelancers are:

  • Job completed successfully
  • Client not responsive
  • Job was completed unsuccessfully
  • Another reason

Job completed successfully. Usually, the client will be the first one to close the contract after successfully review your finished job. But, in some cases when the client did not close the contract in a few months, the freelancer can do that. Note that this action can affect your JSS after a few months, so it is better to remind a client about closing the contract by sending him a message.

Client not responsive. Choose this option when the client is not responding to your messages and you do not have details about the job that you should start. In that way, you will mark that client to Upwork as not responsive.

Job was completed unsuccessfully. You can choose this option in case you did not meet the deadlines or project requirements. Do not close the contract choosing this option before you discuss it with your client. You can make a bad impression on the client and your profile JSS.

Another reason. There is no reason to choose this option when closing the contract, except when you are in a specific situation with your project. You can always contact Upwork Support to help you with your situation.

After you choose the right reason, you should write a part of public feedback. It contains feedback for the client skills, communication, cooperation, and others. This is a way to write an excellent review for great clients!

Besides all the above reasons, there are situations where you should/can close the contract before you even start to do the job or do not have logged hours:

  • you did not think of the time you need to finish the project
  • the client asks for the different project requirements that were not previously discussed
  • the client asks for the free additional work in case of a fixed milestone
  • the client did not pay
  • the client did not write about job details or answer your messages

If you are in this situation, you can close the contract. The process is the same as writing feedback when the job is finished successfully. Make sure to write proper feedback to inform other freelancers about the client. This can help other freelancers skipping this kind of client and their bad business cooperation.

After writing all the details, click on the End contract. The warning message will pop up. It informs you that you did not submit work so the money in escrow will be returned to the client. On the other side, if you have done some work, you can upload your work file and get the client’s approval and payment. When a client does not click to approve a fixed milestone, you will get your payment after 14 days.

Continue to End Contract is the end part of the process and then you can start finding more interesting projects on Upwork.