Why is important to identify valuable Upwork clients?

While applying for the posted jobs on Upwork, you should pay attention to some details. Those details can make a difference between professional or non-professional clients, high or low-paying projects, etc. By checking you make sure to not spend connections on not valuable job posts or you read interesting details that will help you get that job.

You can identify valuable Upwork clients by checking next details within job post:

  • Check if the client payment is verified. You can still apply for jobs where client payment is not verified. But, if you get an interview make sure to check with the client why he did not make a payment verification on his side. Sometimes the problem is that clients are new with the Upwork and do not know how to finish verification and you can help them. If the potential client is avoiding answering that question, do not proceed with that job. You won’t be protected if client payment is not verified.
  • Job description. Every client that needs help with his business will write a detailed job description. In that way, he will attract serious freelancers. Potential freelancers will have the details and answer how can he help with his knowledge. If you see some job posts that are short, the description does not make sense, or the post is about a freelancer looking for a job, you can report that to Upwork.
  • Additional questions within job proposals. In some cases, the client wants to know more about your past projects and you must answer additional questions. That is a great way to showcase your professional skills. The important note is that those answers will be the first thing that the client will see after opening your job proposal.
  • Client hire rate. Do not spend your connections on the clients that post 10 jobs and hire only for 2 job posts. This example is for a low hire rate and it shows that client is not looking only on Upwork for the freelancers. Be wise when spending your limited connections! Serious clients always hire freelancers for their jobs and have a high hire rate.
  • Look at the client’s job history and feedbacks. In this part, you can check the freelancer’s opinions about the clients, the amount they spent on the specific project, and the feedback they gave to the freelancer. As I wrote before, this is a part where you can write excellent feedback for the great client or critics for the non-professional client. This will help a lot to other freelancers so they know it is worth applying and contacting the client.
  • Client payment offer. Many clients set a range of hourly rates, but some others specify in the job description that they want a freelancer for $3/hr. Maybe this is okay for some, but if you do not agree with this you can report this client to Upwork. Even some clients ask for free work despite the fact that you can not work for free on Upwork. Good clients value freelancer time and work so they do not have a problem with paying. Through my working experience, there were situations where clients paid for training time.
  • Upwork Enterprise Clients. Upwork Enterprise Clients are companies from fast-growing startups to global Fortune 500 companies. They are usually looking for professionals and have hundreds of active projects. Looking for job opportunities posted by Upwork Enterprise Clients is a good way for finding long-term projects.