What to check when you want to apply to some Upwork job post?

When you want to apply for a job post on Upwork, you should have more time to focus on this research task. First of all, read the job post carefully and decide if it is worth applying. It is common for the new freelancers to apply on every job post, spend connections without consideration, and get suspended by Upwork. Upwork is full of high-quality freelancers, so you should find potential clients and present yourself as best as you can. You should consider checking next:

  • Does the job post have detailed instructions? If yes, that is a situation where you can showcase your previous related projects and skills. If the job post does not have detailed instructions, you can still apply and ask the client to send you more details later.
  • Do you have skills for the job requirements and time to finish it if the job post has a deadline? Does the client ask for the beginner, intermediate or expert level? If you worked on the related projects, send them in your proposal. Make sure to create a Portfolio on your Upwork profile. Apply for the jobs that are related to your professional expertise.
  • Are you okay with the project budget? How much will you charge for the additional corrections? Look at the client’s previous jobs and how much he paid freelancers. Also, look at the freelancer’s feedback to clients. There are situations when clients write in job posts that they need freelancers with low bids. Some clients do not read Upwork rules, and they require freelancers for $2/hr. If you read this, make sure to report this job post. You can do that by clicking on the Flag as inappropriate in the right part of the job post and select the reason.
  • What is the client’s hire rate? For example, the client posted ten jobs, and only for two job posts, he hired freelancers. This client hire rate is low. Also, the client post jobs a few months ago and did not answer and choose freelancers. Do not apply for these job posts to prevent spending connections without a successful job contract.
  • What is the number of freelancers which applied for the job? Is there an active number of interviews? Calculate if it is worth applying if the job post already has 20+ proposals. If you want to check the average bid range, you must pay Upwork Plus Plan.
  • While writing a job proposal, make sure to write a unique and interesting proposal to stand out from the crowd.
  • If the client invited you to interview, make sure to discuss all the details. You can send a client your email. The client can send you all the necessary project files or add you to the project file. All the conversation about the job should be on the Upwork so you have protection for the payment. 
  • Report the clients asking for sensitive data like your national id, phone number, passport details, or want to buy your Upwork profile. You can do that in the same way as you report some job post.
  • It is okay to send to the client a free sample of your work. Do not start working on the job without a contract because you do not have a warranty that you will be paid.

From my experience, clients who are looking for long-term contractors will pay trial tasks. There were some situations where Upwork Plus Clients paid for training time before I started with the job. The conclusion is to spend more time finding a potentially good job post and the client who will appreciate your professional’s skills and time.