How to use advanced job filters on Upwork?

By searching for a job on Upwork you should be familiar with the keywords, and skills related the specific job. In that way, you are customizing your job search according to your professional skills.

First of all, you should browse all jobs related to your skills in the part – Search for jobs -. For example, you can enter web design and it will list all relevant jobs with that keyword. You can sort the jobs by Relevance, Newest, Client spends, or Client rating. Sometimes you will get a list of 19.000 job posts and that would be a long time to go through each of them. This is the part where you can use simple filters on the left side.

Select Category means that it will display design jobs related to a specific business field. For example, you can find a job post for web design for an accounting company. Then you should choose your experience level, from entry-level, intermediate, or expert. As for the job type, you should think do you want to be paid per hour or do you prefer fixed milestones.

Number of Proposals means it will display your job posts according to which number you choose (from less than 5 to 20 to 50 proposals). Before you apply for some job you should take a look at how many freelancers already applied. If you see 50+ proposals, think twice if it is worth applying and spending connections. Client info can show you if some of your previous clients posted jobs, or client payment is verified. You can choose from Client History options, if the client did not have hires, had 1 to 9 hires, or 10+ hires. If it is important to you, you can choose the Client Location.

One of the important things is Budget. This part is related to fixed milestones and you can choose the minimum and maximum client proposed budget. Project Length is the time needed for finishing a specific project/job. In this part, clients put approximately time for that. Hours per week are related to hourly projects and it means how many hours per week are you available for work. You can choose less or more than 30 hrs/per week.

-Advanced Search- is the link option under the -Search for jobs- field. Advanced search is useful for advanced keyword search. You can enter The exact phrase, Title Search, or Skill search. For example, you can enter Web Administrator in The exact phrase and it will display the job with that exact phrase in the job post headline. If you enter Joomla in the Skill search field, you will get a list of job posts that listed Joomla as a requirement for the skills. You can exclude some keywords related to skills by entering them in the Exclude these words field. You can take a look at Youtube for a short tutorial.

These are very useful filters for finding great job posts. But before using it, you should research Upwork job posts with your professional skills in detail.