Upwork My stats

If you want to check what is your job success score, and other stats related to your Upwork profile you can do it on the Find Work –> My Stats.

There you can see your 12-month earnings. “12-month earnings reflects your earnings before Upwork fees, including bonuses and refunds. It does not include transactions that are “pending” or “in review” and transactions from agency contracts. It is updated every hour. Your 12-month earnings must be at least $1,000 to qualify for Top Rated.” (Source: Upwork)

Clients who would recommend you is a metric (1 to 10) that client is checking when giving feedback. It goes into the JSS calculation. Sometimes client gives you 5 star public feedback, but in private give lower review because it is private and they can be most honest.

Long-term clients are clients that have worked with you consistently for a  period of 3 months or more. It is important that this is related to the contract that is active for the payments.

Recent account holds are your account suspensions or performance notifications in the past 90 days. You can read more about account holds at Upwork Support.

Top Rated eligible weeks. You need to earn at least $1000 in the last 12 months in order to qualify for the Top Rated program. Top Rated eligible weeks are weeks when you either had Rising Talent badge or maintained JSS above 90%.

Job Success score. JSS measures client’s satisfaction with your overall work history on Upwork. It reflects your client’s satisfaction as shown by relationships, feedback, and job outcomes over time.

Job Success score is calculated at this way:

(successful contract outcomes – negative contract outcomes)/total outcomes

Communication is about the time in which you respond to job invitations. Make sure to be efficient and answer on invitations within a day. Also, you can see there a number of replied invitations in the past 90 days.

Marketing effectiveness is a part where you can see on how many job posts you’ve applied in the last 90 days. There is statistic about how often you were viewed, interviewed, and hired among other freelancers in your professional category.

In the end, you can take a look at how many times your profile was discovered in the previous weeks. Profile completeness is something that is 100% completed for the freelancers that are active on the Upwork.