What means Upwork Job Success Score?

Upwork Job Success Score (JSS) displays the percent of the client’s satisfaction with your overall work history. It represents your relationships and feedbacks with the clients. High JSS can help you to stand out in the Upwork marketplace.

Job success score is calculated in this way:

(successful contract outcomes – negative contract outcomes) / total outcomes

  • Successful contract outcomes are the contracts that are closed after the project is finished and have good feedback.
  • Negative contract outcomes are the contracts that are closed before finishing the project, for some specific reason. That means the contract is closed by the client or the freelancer.
  • Total outcomes are the number of contracts that you have on Upwork.

The time when you will get JSS varies because not all projects are equal. In order to get JSS you need to:

  • Have a project with minimum 2 different clients
  • Have a minimum 4 different contracts within 24 months

Statistic shows that more than 90% freelancers get a JSS after completing 5 projects, and almost all freelancers get their JSS after completing eight projects.

The Upwork counts JSS of your 6-, 12-, and 24- months work history. The best score out of these moving time windows is displayed on your profile and updated about every two weeks. The contract will no longer count in your six-month JSS window once it is six months and one day old. It is a bigger impact on jobs based on earnings. It means that strong client feedback on a higher-budget job could boost a freelancer’s scores more than a lower-budget job.

There are many reasons why your JSS changed. Some of the reasons are:

  • You’ve got bad private and public feedback from the client for the recent project contract
  • You’ve got excellent private and public feedback from the client for the recent project contract
  • A higher-value job is added to your score and outweighs lower-value jobs.
  • Jobs that you completed in the past are no longer considered because they are outside the score’s time frame.
  • The contracts with no earnings and no feedback that are closed or still open can significantly lower your JSS because they indicate client dissatisfaction.