What it takes to write a good proposal to win an Upwork job contract?

By applying to job posts, you should consider writing a good proposal that will get the client’s attention. This writing requires presenting your business skills, education, and work experience. You need to make more time to write a list of your skills and experiences, and review it. While writing a proposal, you can use tools for text corrections like Grammarly.

Before starting writing proposal, it is important to emphasize that every job post is unique so the proposal should be also.

Here are some of the tips that are useful for writing proposals and winning the Upwork contract:

  • First, read the job post and be sure to understand every aspect of it.
  • After reading, if you think that you are the right person for that job (according to your skills) you can proceed with writing. Don’t be the person who applies and spends connects for the job posts for which you don’t have the required skills.
  • Besides writing a proposal, another way is to introduce yourself by making a video proposal. There you can talk about your competency for that job. Also, for some jobs, it is beneficial to record video proposals.
  • The client sees only 180 characters (including spaces) from the start of your cover letter before they click to read more details. Make sure to get the client’s attention by writing effective words.
  • Start your proposal with a friendly greeting.
  • Use client name after greeting. In that way, you are personalizing the proposal. You can check for the client’s first name in the freelancer’s feedback from previous contracts. If there is no first name, just write a kind greeting word.
  • If job posts have additional questions, be sure to answer them. Impress the potential client by filling in details of all answers.
  • When you apply for the job, the client will first see answers to additional questions and then your proposal.
  • If the client’s question is: Do you know…?, don’t just write Yes or No. Prove to them why you know something by mentioning similar experiences from the previous projects.
  • Briefly introduce yourself.
  • Write about similar projects and offer possible solutions to client’s problems. (1-2 sentences maximum) Prove that you will be a great fit for that project. It is not enough to just write: I can contribute successfully to your project.
  • While describing your work experience and skills, mention exact phrases that the client added in the job post. That will affect the client on a subconscious level because you are showing that you understood what the project is about. Don’t write a generic proposal.
  • What programs (or websites) do you know and use in your professional work?
  • What were your obligations within your job position or specific project?
  • Mention that client can take a look at your Upwork profile for more details, or copy the Upwork profile link.
  • How much time do you need to finish the job? Think about this if you have all the necessary details about the project within the job post. Be honest, and don’t write a smaller amount of the time than you really need.
  • If you are looking for a long-term job and the job post has that info, then make sure to confirm that.
  • When you are able to start with the job?
  • Write questions for the client, if the job post is not detailed enough.
  • Write your two best personal skills. For example, you are organized and very detailed in the work.
  • In the end, finish with a friendly and engaging greeting. You can also add: Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Additionally, your profile will be recommended to the client if your skill tags match the categories in the job post.

Don’t expect to win job by sending only one proposal, because there are many freelancers on market and you need to practise to stand out from the crowd. Winning Upwork job contract requires sending many proposals and experimenting with writing good proposals.