How to achieve requirements for Top-Rated badge on Upwork?

Upwork awards freelancer success by adding a Top-Rated badge to their profile. This badge helps you to get more work from top clients. It shows your work consistency and quality.

To get this badge you must have a history of successful contracts with clients, excellent feedbacks, and contribute by knowing and following the Upwork Terms of Service.

Other important criteria for Top-Rated badge is:

  • Job Success Score of 90% or higher
  • First job contract was more than 90 days ago
  • Maintain JSS or Rising Talent status of 90% for at least 13 of the last 16 week
  • Upwork profile that is 100% filled with data
  • 12-month earnings of at least $1,000
  • Work availability is always updated according to your real available time for work
  • Upwork account does not have recent account holds
  • Activity on the platform in the past 90 days (sent proposals, accepted invitations, or earnings)

There is no application for the Top-Rated badge on Upwork. Upwork will award you with this badge by adding it to your Upwork profile.

When you want to check if you are on a good way for getting an Upwork Top-Rated badge go to Find Work -> My Stats.

The benefits that you get with a Top-Rated badge, besides the badge on your Upwork profile are:

  • Reduced fees (10%) on job contracts on Featured Jobs
  • Higher profile visibility above the competition that is in your work category and does not have a Top-Rated badge. Also higher chance of getting job interview invitations.
  • Job interview invitations assisted by Upwork Talent Specialists
  • Upwork emails with job posts helping you to find more work. They are according to the category in which you work on Upwork.
  • Faster payments on hourly contracts
  • Premium customer support, including phone and chat
  • Invitations to Upwork Top Rated events in your country

Once you achieve this badge, it won’t need great effort to maintain it if you send quality work and leave an excellent impression on the clients. Besides this, you will get job interview invitations that will give you an opportunity to always have a contract and even find a long-term quality job.