How to improve Job Success Score on Upwork?

Job Success Score (JSS) is a measurement of a client’s satisfaction with your work and expertise. This score is updated every two weeks. You have time during this period to improve your Job Success Score.

You can check JSS on your Upwork profile and at My Stats.

Your Job Success Score depends on the next things:

  • Good clients public feedback
  • Good clients private feedback
  • Number of contracts (you need to be an active freelancer on Upwork)
  • Long-term clients

The Job Success Score update takes into consideration different periods:

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months

Upwork will take the best score of the three as your Job Success Score.

If you are around 100% of JSS that means that you are good at what you do, and do not have a problem to get job contract after sending few job proposals.

After having a few finished contracts and getting your JSS, you will want to maintain it as well as possible. Some of the things that can help you to maintain and improve the good Job Success Score are:

  • Good reputation of your Upwork profile. This is the things that is important for maintaining good freelancer reputation. Make sure that your Upwork profile and finished contracts are high related to your professional field. This means that you shouldn’t apply for data entry if your main professional field is data analyse. It will affect on getting good job contracts, and later JSS.
  • Think twice before you apply for the job post. While looking for job posts, and especially if you are a new freelancer, you want to send as many as possible proposals. This is not a good idea because you need to define your professional field and level of work experience. Do not just apply on random job posts that look “good enough for you”. While apply on every job post you think is okay, you can get a job for which you do not have enough experience. There is nothing worse than accepting the contract and sending bad work to the client. This will end with bad feedback and lower JSS.
  • Check client’s reputation. This thing is related to the previous. As a freelancer, sometimes you will watch how much money somebody is offering for the project or the project length. It will happen that you will skip checking clients’ previous contracts and feedbacks from the freelancers. You will start the contract and get disappointed with the client’s poor communication and pay. You will just say to yourself: “Oh, why I didn’t check his previous contract feedbacks!”. This is the reason why you need to do that before applying for the client’s job post. You will prevent potential scams, poor communications, not being paid, and just not spend connects.
  • Don’t leave open contracts that are not active. If you finished some job, ask the client to close the contract and leave feedback. Ask the client if he can write good private and public feedback because that affects your Job Success Score. If you leave not active contract open for a year, it will definitely affect the Job Success Score. From my experience, if the client isn’t anymore active on Upwork, you can just close the contract on your side. Another reason why I like to close the contract by myself is that can negatively affect getting new jobs. It will say that you have 4 active contracts on your Upwork profile, and some clients can think that you don’t have enough time to concentrate on their project.
  • Long-term contracts. Long-term contracts will get you excellent JSS. It is not strange that Upwork likes long-term clients who are beneficial for them and the freelancer. Also, it can affect well on your Job Success Score if you get more contracts from previous clients.