How to successfully prepare for your first job interview on Upwork?

So, you’ve made it to get a job interview. But now the potential client requires video interview. Maybe you have problems with presenting yourself via video, but this is a great thing. It is a good way for the first time freelancers to showcase their skills. Do not think that only experts are highly skilled to present themselves in front of the potential client.

Besides knowing your professional worth, there are next things that will boost your confidence for the interview:

  • Make sure to be in the room space where you are relaxed and not disturbed. No matter how big or small your apartment is, make sure to find the spot where you are business-focused. If you don’t have that benefit due to family life, organize other members and make that 1-hour free time for the interview.
  • Where comfort clothes. Don’t put on the clothes like you are going to the beach or party, but wear something that doesn’t make you uncomfortable.
  • Make sure to have a glass of water near you. In that way you can stay hydrated if the conversation takes more time.
  • Check camera and microphone before interview starts. Do not leave this important but fast check just before the interview starts. If you are nervous you can ask someone to call you just to be sure that everything is working good.
  • Take a notes about job description and questions for the client. This is good idea if you are nervous and afraid that you will miss to ask important questions. By writing your questions you have some kind of control, and can focus on how the meeting is going.
  • Concentrate on how fast are you speaking. Sometimes we speak fast when we are nervous, and we just want to finish the talk as fast as we can. Instead, try to speak slower and concentrate on your presentation to the client.
  • Research the prices for the similar projects in your business area. This is important because you can get yourself in the situation to set lower price for the project. So research it, decide, write it and steak to it!
  • In the end, the clients are also humans. Think of them as a new people that you will meet. Be friendly.