How to set good freelance business goals?

If you want your freelance business to grow, you should make a list of goals and plans.

Your written plan is just the start of the whole business goal process. This list should contain your wishes, objectives, planned time for achieving each process, and others. Each business goal is unique, but some of the objective processes that can be implemented are:

  • Define and name the goal that you want to achieve
  • Describe in short what is the goal of the task/project
  • Define your priority in achieving the goal. If it is important, then prioritize the time that you spend on the tasks. By writing this, I mean spending less time on social media or in front of the TV if that is not important for your business. You are setting goals for your business, but do not forget to have a social and relaxing time.
  • Break down the whole project into small tasks. Be honest and realistic. In this way, you will have a better picture of what is needed to be done and how much it is difficult.
  • Enter necessary tools and help that you need in the whole process
  • Write your planned time for each stage of the plan
  • Track and analyze every step of the process. Write and acknowledge small victories because they are important for staying motivated.
  • After finishing the first small task, have time for testing it. For example, you will give yourself 30 days for something to achieve. If that does not work, reorganize your plan and start over. Maybe you need more time. It is not bad to fail because you’ve at least try to do something.
  • Staying motivated is sometimes hard when you can not see the end of the process. One of the things you can do is reward yourself after 15 days of achieving small but important victories.
  • After a period of 30 days is expired, write down your objective conclusion about the things you’ve achieved. This is especially important in cases where you succeed. 
  • In the end, if the plan did not go well, start over and rewrite it.