Which tools can I use to better organize my working time?

As a business owner, your task is to organize, delegate and take into action all necessary things for accomplishing business goals. Without the discipline for working time and organization, you can’t expect to have all in your head and finish everything. That is just impossible.
Many tools can help you in better organizing working time, and I will recommend you some of them that I’ve tried:

  • Trello – This application helps you in managing your work activities and their process. The application helps you with task visualization and tracking your progress.
  • Google Drive – Place for storing your files, pictures, and other stuff related to your business. You have for free 15 GB of data storage.
  • SimpleNote – Easy way for taking down notes and organizing them.
  • Hootsuite – Application for organizing social media posts. You have options for adding multiple social media accounts for later reviewing and scheduling posts. It is an excellent application for social media managers who likes everything to be organized and in one place.
  • Google Calendar – Application for organizing and scheduling events and business tasks. Easy and free to use.
  • Canva – Great application for people who aren’t graphic designers but want to make good designs for social media or other business materials. Application is not free, and it costs $9.99 per month.
  • Asana – This is a platform for organizing work tasks and team communication.
  • LastPass – If you are using multiple accounts and need a place for a password store, this is the place. You can also store all your digital records like insurance cards, memberships, Wi-Fi passwords, and more. Besides this, there is a safe option for password sharing with another person.