When it is just fine to close the contract without consulting the client?

The closing contract is usually after the job is successfully finished. Besides this, there are specific situations where the contract must be closed before it started. That is okay because no one should work for a client that does not respect the freelancer or job agreement.

The situations when it is okay to close the contract by yourself are:

  • The client didn’t put the money in the escrow. Every serious client will verify profile and payment card. If the client did not verify the profile or put the money in escrow ask the client for the reason. Maybe it just needs time to be verified or there is some objective reason.
  • The client asks for more work and does not want to pay more. You should work only what you negotiate. If the client asks for the amount of work that is not negotiated in the contract, ask for additional payments or that you need to log more working hours.
  • The client is asking for too many corrections. Before you accept the contract offer, define the number of free corrections. After that number, every correction will be additionally charged.
  • The client is not answering messages after you send the finished work. If you finished the job send the done project and ask the client for feedback. If the client is not answering you after a long time (for example, 6 months) you can close the contract.
  • Job is not the same as written in the contract. You accepted the contract with all necessary job details but the client asks to do a different task and writes that you will get bad feedback. In this situation, it is okay to close the contract and send the message to Upwork support.
  • The client blackmails you with a lawsuit without reason. There were situations when freelancers got a message that client will sue them. The job was finished months earlier, everything went well, and the client did not close the contract or answer the messages. Months later you are informed that you did not finish something good. You can first contact Upwork Support to help you with this problem and later close the contract.
  • You can not finish the job that you accepted because the client is not responding to your messages. You have accepted the contract without job details. The client is not answering so you can not start the job. In this situation write to the client, wait a couple of days, or even contact the client on LinkedIn with a polite message. If that does not work just close the contract.
  • The contract is opened too long without earnings. This is related to the contracts that are opened but not active. You can close the contract and leave feedback.
  • The client asks for free work after accepting the contract. The client does not the Upwork Rules, and after you accept the offer he is asking for free work. Even if you wrote your hourly or fixed milestone rate. Contact the Upwork Support and close the contract.
  • The client does not want to collaborate with you because he found a new cheaper freelancer. After accepting the contract you are informed that the client found a cheaper freelancer. You can just close the contract and make sure to write in the feedback the real reason for closing the contract.