How to write a good Upwork proposal for data researcher profession?

Why is so important to have a good Upwork proposal?

With the development of the freelance market, it is important to represent yourself as well as possible. You can do that by presenting your professional skills, finished projects, and excellent job proposal.

The job proposal should represent your best self for the person who will read it. For every job that you want to apply it is crucial to write a unique proposal because job posts aren’t the same. Add your skills, project references, portfolio, work experience if you worked on a similar project, and how will you contribute as an employee. For more details about writing proposals for the data researcher profession take a look at the sample below.


Dear sir/madam! I would like to apply for this job. I am an experienced researcher and know to work in Word and Excel. I am a hard worker and know how to research on the internet. My typing speed is 35 words per minute. If you need a good worker let me know so I can send you some samples.


  • It is not polite to start your proposal with sir or madam if you do not know the
    gender of the client. Start with the Hi, or even Respected.
  • If you just write that you are an experienced researcher client will not believe you immediately. Prove to the potential client that, and write your work experience. That also means for the part “I know how to research on the internet.” If it is relevant to the job post make a list of the programs that you use in your work.
  • Do not write typing speed unless it is required for the job. If it is related to the job, try to practice faster-typing speed because 35 words per minute are the average speed.
  • You will not stand out if you write that you can send work samples later if it is needed. Send it immediately to prove your professionalism and to have a better chance of getting the job. Do not think that the client will look immediately at your profile.
  • You can write that you are well organized, good worker but you can prove that with your professional portfolio and client feedback on your profile.
  • Do not forget to add in the end of the proposal: Kind regards, Regards, or Sincerely.



I’m applying because I think that I can contribute to your project of great value. As a researcher, I have experience working on projects that require researching large lists of relevant companies. As a prove, I’m sending you a sample of my work for the previous client.

I have knowledge of working in Google spreadsheets and Nimble. If it is required for the project, I’m willing to learn new software. I am using in my email research and ContactOut Google extensions.

I’m well organized and have good attention to detail. Don’t hesitate to take a look at feedbacks from previous clients.

I am available to start with the project. Let me know if you are interested in collaborating.

Kind regards,