How to write a good Upwork proposal for copywriter profession?

Why is so important to have a good Upwork proposal?

With the development of the freelance market, it is important to represent yourself as well as possible. You can do that by presenting your professional skills, finished projects, and excellent job proposal.

The job proposal should represent your best self for the person who will read it. For every job that you want to apply it is crucial to write a unique proposal because job posts aren’t the same. Add your skills, project references, portfolio, work experience if you worked on a similar project, and how will you contribute as an employee. For more details about writing proposals for copywriter profession take a look at the sample below.


Thank you for looking at my proposal! If you are looking for a person who can write you excellent copies please contact me. I have many success stories in my work and I can send you samples. I can enter text on any platform that you need. If you choose me I assure you that work will be done on time.


  • Do not start your proposal without greetings. Start with Hi (add the first name if you know), or Respected. It is nice to show respect to a potential new client.
  • The client is obviously looking for somebody to write copies, so you do not need to emphasize that. Focus on your skill and the reason why potential clients should contact you.
  • If you write that you can send sample work, there is a chance that the client will just skip your proposal. Clients are receiving many proposals and they like to look at well-written proposals with necessary details. If you are not sure how to send your copies, just upload them on Google Drive and send the link to the client. Another way is to upload them in the attachment, which I think is not a good way. On the other way, after they click on the Google Drive link they will have a better preview of the docs and the topics.
  • ‘I can enter text on any platform that you need.’ If you are a copywriter it is necessary that you work in some of the text editing programs. Do not emphasize that you can work on any platform. After the client accepts your proposal, you will have information if it is necessary to write in the specific programs.
  • Do not forget to add at the end of the proposal: Kind regards, Regards, or Sincerely.



As an experienced copywriter, your business can benefit from my professional skills. Please take a look at my copywriting samples in the attachment. There you can see that I’m highly skilled in writing for the topic that you need.

For the previous clients, I’ve entered texts in Google spreadsheets and then share with them text versions. If it is necessary, I can enter the final text on the company website. I like to learn new things, so that would not be a problem for me.

I’m using spell correction tools in my work, like Grammarly and LanguateTool. My typing speed is 60 words per minute.

Let me know if you need more details about my previous work. I’m available to start on this job.

Looking forward to hearing from you,