How to write a good Upwork proposal for web designer profession?

Why is so important to have a good Upwork proposal?

With the development of the freelance market, it is important to represent yourself as well as possible. You can do that by presenting your professional skills, finished projects, and excellent job proposal.

The job proposal should represent your best self for the person who will read it. For every job that you want to apply it is crucial to write a unique proposal because job posts aren’t the same. Add your skills, project references, portfolio, work experience if you worked on a similar project, and how will you contribute as an employee. For more details about writing proposals for web designer profession take a look at the sample below.


Hello! I am an experienced web designer looking for a job in this field. I have worked in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and other graphic design programs. I have won several times competitions on the 99designs website. If you need a hard worker who can work in a stressful environment and make you great design works you can contact me.


  • Do not use Hello as a start greeting unless it is the old client. Use proper greetings like Respected or Hi, and always use the client’s first name if you know it. You can find out by looking at the client’s old contracts below the Upwork job post.
  • If you send a proposal to the client, it is obvious that you are looking for this kind of job. Make sure to emphasize your skills instead of that.
  • It is not relevant that you just mention your awards and competitions. Send your portfolio, or in this case your design samples from the various web sources that you’ve uploaded.
  • Write a list of the technical skills related to web design, and mention if you are willing to learn new things. That is in a situation where projects require learning new software.
  • Again, you can write that you are a hard worker but you can prove that with your professional portfolio and client feedback on your profile.
  • Always finish your proposal with Regards, Kind regards, or Sincerely.



I’m applying to your job post because I’m currently looking for a new project. As a web designer, I worked for agencies that needed website designs. In that way, I’ve got experience in designing products and promotional websites. Take a look at my profile on Behance (put here a Behance link or link to your portfolio website if you have it online) for portfolios.

Besides the regular work, I participate in design competitions. Some of the latest wins are presented on 99designs (put here a link to 99designs projects). I can send you more work samples if it is necessary.

In my work, I’m using graphic software like Adobe Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop. If it is necessary, I can learn new software for work.

Let me know if you need more details about my work.

Kind regards,