How to manage Contract Activity Code on Upwork?

Activity code for job contracts is a way of tagging freelancer’s time to different types of work or projects. In this way, the time needed for the specific task will be properly billed by selecting the right label.

This can be done by going to Reports and then selecting Budgets, and clicking on Manage Activity Codes. This is the page where you can create Activities and assign related contracts. Besides creating them, you can archive Activities after you complete them. Data for archived Activities will stay in reports.

This type is also used by the client who has different kinds of projects for the freelancer, so those projects won’t be mixed. In this way, it is easier because the client does not need to create a new job contract, and everything is within one contract. When it is time for paying, the client can ask a freelancer to send him an invoice from the specific Activity code (project).