Why is building a professional relationship with a client important?

Freelancing is a great way of managing your own business development and success. You are responsible for time management, learning new skills, finding new interesting projects, and others.

But in another way, that depends also on those who will hire you. Besides doing the regular work it is important to develop a good relationship with the client. The client on the other side is also human. You will have a client who will only want strict professional communication, and with the other client, you will have more relaxed communication. Both ways are totally ok as long as you finish defined tasks.

Some of the benefits from getting and maintaining good communication with a client are:

  • Having good communication with one client can make you more likely to get another project. When a client writes you excellent feedback in which it is written that you are effective and communicate easily, that will boost your freelance profile.
  • Understand the job requirements and think about how you can help to solve the problem. Offer the client some knowledge or problem solving that he did not think about.
  • Always answer on business messages in a decent time frame. Nobody likes to wait 2 days for answer because that shows that you are not totally dedicated to the task. This also applies to the client.
  • Do a favor to the client to complete the task ahead of schedule if necessary. From my experience, client will respect that and have consideration if you are unable to complete something else and need more days.
  • Always finish the job as perfect as you can. This is not some word but the fact that the client will be satisfied in that situation and later offer you some other job.
  • Do not forget to be yourself besides being professional. We all think about business but in the end, we are humans and have emotions. When you work for someone for a long time you will find out the things like what are they hobbies and others. Keep it professional but do not be afraid to add a little personal touch to the message.
  • Always remember to say or write Thank you. Maybe it is regular for someone but everybody likes when the other person shows gratitude. Try to be nice. That means to someone a lot.