What is Capital Advance Offer on Payoneer and how to get it?

Capital Advance Offer on Payoneer is a capital solution that provides you with advance on upcoming earnings. This means that Payoneer will send you a Capital Advance Offer according to the earnings that you previously transferred to your account. Requirements are also that you are at least 6 months present on the market that you use for earning.

Not everyone who owns a Payoneer account will get this offer. On the Payoneer website, you can read that this offer is for Amazon and Walmart sellers. Besides those, also freelancers from Upwork get this offer. This kind of offer can not be requested. The only way to get is to receive it directly from Payoneer.

The amount that you have got from this offer must be returned according to the settlement date. Besides the amount, you will also return a fixed amount fee.

Payoneer will start collecting the amount when the settlement date starts. The settlement date usually depends on the offer that you get and can be from 1 to 6 months. This means if your settlement date is August 15, the Payoneer will collect 35% of each payment that you transferred from the Upwork from that date until it returns the whole amount with the fee.

Before you start thinking of accepting the offer, you should know that you do not need to accept Payoneer full offer. If you decide to accept the Payoneer Capital Advance Offer you should go to View Offer in the email that you get from the Payoneer or login to your Payoneer account and select Receive → Capital Advance. After you check all the details or change the amount of money that you will get, click on the Accept Offer. The money will be on your account within a few minutes.

This offer is easy to reborrow because you don’t have to go through the application process again. According to your business performance or the previous amounts that you transferred on Payoneer, you will get the offer.