How to successfully boost your proposal on Upwork?

When you apply for some Upwork job post, you are spending connects or credits. Usually, you will spend from 1 to 4 connects to apply for some job post.

The new thing on Upwork is that on some job posts you can boost your job proposal. This means you can add more connects so your proposal will be more visible to the client. With this new option, you have the opportunity to move your proposal to the top of the list when a job post is excellent.

Your proposal will be marked with a blue lightning bolt and “Highly Interested” if you bid more than other freelancers that are applying for the same job.

Boost your proposal section is at the bottom of your job proposal. You can add more connects to the bid by clicking “Boost”. Then you can click “Send for (your total number) Connects”.

When the job post ends and the client hires someone, you will be refunded with all of the additional connects you bid. You will be refunded if you did not end up in one of the top slots or the client did not interact with you. In this situation, you will be only charged with one connect for submitting a proposal.