What kind of personality is not suitable for freelancing?

Not everybody is born to have their own business or be a freelancer, which is the hard truth, and it is ok. There is not just one type of work, so it is good to have many options nowadays.
Freelancing requires flexibility, imagination, and confidence to solve working problems.

You should try and explore many options in your working days. Despite this, you must be aware of your positive and negative characteristics. Positive ones are good, and they help you with your success. Negative ones can affect your productivity in the wrong way, but they can be changed.

Some of the personality characteristics that are not suitable for freelancing are (but to repeat; they are changeable):

  • You are waiting for the inspiration to come to finish the job. In some work categories, you need inspiration for work. But having your own business requires working sometimes without inspiration so you can finish everything on time. This does not mean that you will give a bad product to your client. It means that you should be organized and not so much critical to your work. Give yourself a limited time to finish something. Do not procrastinate.
  • You are not an organized person. You do not like having limited time for some job. You may think that organization kills creativity and work freedom. If you believe this, you are not on the right path for achieving outstanding results. Organization skill is essential for defining your work goals, developing your freelance career, and having fewer problems in your life. Try with simple definitions of your work or private life things. You will see that you will achieve more in less time.
  • You are not trying hard enough. When can you give up on something? What time is enough for learning new things? There is no correct answer to this question. The right answer is individual for every person, but you should not give up on the first problem. Try hard enough to solve the first problems in your business. Do not give up because you can say that you try at least or even get experience solving tasks.
  • You do not like working at home. You enjoy working in an office for a fixed amount of hours. You have a reliable paycheck at the end of the month. You like to feel secure in your life. You can not work alone, and do not have someone to drink coffee everyday. If those sentences describe you, then you should think if you are the right person for freelancing. Freelancing requires working from home or elsewhere. Freelancing sometimes requires working many hours so you can develop your business. Freelance requires your commitment to the amount you will earn at the end of the month. Nothing is secure, but you will be comfortable with that when you have many projects behind you.
  • You do not know what your self-worth is. You get some amount of the money that someone else defined. You do not know your financial worth by working for many years for the same fixed amount of money. When you are a freelancer, you must know your worth and organize your work with that amount in mind. Do not work for a small amount of the money just because you want to get great feedback. You will eventually lose your time and energy. New freelancers have problems with the project payments, but that should clarify after a couple of projects. Research your working market, compare your knowledge and practice, and find out what your worth is.
  • You think freelancing is more manageable than a “normal” job. If you start working as a freelancer because you believe it is easier, you will be disappointed. When you work for someone else (or company), the person who owns it is responsible for having workers’ money at the end of the month. When you work as a freelancer, you have a responsibility to have money for life. To be competitive in the freelance market, you must craft your skills and find new projects. You are your boss, manager, and financial adviser. If you can not adapt to this type of work, do not leave your company’s fixed hours job.